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  • KIAN for optimal health, wellness, and beauty
  • 10% Off Orders Over $150
  • KIAN for optimal health, wellness, and beauty

icoone laser

The only device in the world that treats the face and bodies skin, giving you visible results after the first session.

The innovative Roboderm® patent treats skin flaws and blemishes by stimulating the connective tissue effectively and in depth and is entirely natural and painless.



Massage To Body Sculpting


Always Look Your Best


Learn how to eat well for your body and needs. Diet plays a part in all facets of our life. Health is wealth!

Total Body Wellness

Total Body Wellness focuses on treating your body from customized supplements, lymphatic drainage to pain management.


Keeping It All Natural

A Beauty & Wellness Company dedicated to restoring and rebuilding your maximum health and beauty from the inside out.  Our professionals are committed to providing you with the tools and education for optimal health, wellness, and beauty. We are committed to bringing you the best in all-natural non-invasive treatments and natural chemical-free products for total body wellness.

Health Is Wealth!

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Sheri Kasper

I'm Soooo pleased with the Results; I don't know if I can say enough! After just 2 Bella Body and Face treatments I have noticed my stomach slightly slimmer and I have a jawline one again where fat and puffiness was disguising it! These woman educate you so you can keep heading on the right direction. At age 52, I am Super glad to have found KIAN = Keeping It All Natural!!! A Blessing in my life now when I truly needed it.

Shirley Lane

Had a beautiful experience at the KIAN4LIFE SPA .I had the facials with ICOONE .And the LYMPHATIC DRAIN, it help me so much because I,m a diabetic with Neuropathy of the feet. Now I feel my feet ,Alycer didn't no I had this problem. I feel like a brand new person .I will returning from Vegas back to Florida.Thank you Stephanie for the beautiful service that you did . I had pain in my left shoulder and the ICOONE machine work wonder . Please if you had the chance stop in better still make a appointment and get the best treatment of your life.

V. Christopher Lane

I love everything about K.I.A.N. The products are great especially the beard grow. The Spa is professional, clean and relaxing. The Soaps and candles are so naturally therapeutic. All I can say is keep up the great work Kian.