KIAN's founders are committed to providing you with the tools, services, and education for optimal health, wellness, and beauty. Providing their clients with the best in all-natural, non-invasive treatments, chemical-free products for total body wellness.

About Us

      Alycia Lerer


Alycia Lerer had a 25-year career as a professional model then went on to be a senior-level entertainment executive. She is an entrepreneur with over thirty years of entertainment industry experience.  Alycia now 55 uses her years of experience in beauty, television, writing, and marketing to give back by spreading the message of living well from the inside out. Her passion for caring for others and giving back has led her to open the KIAN Beauty and Wellness Center.  KIAN which stands for Keeping it All Natural is dedicated to restoring maximum health and beauty from the inside out. 

Her philosophy is you should not wait to be sick to look for ways to be well.  After all, health is wealth!

        Cherie Johnson


Cherie Johnson has been a Certified Nutritionist for over 20 years and her insight and knowledge are a valuable part of KIAN's focus and continued growth.  Best known as an actress, 5-time published author, TV & film writer/producer.  Her most notable work was on the 80s sitcom, Punky Brewster, Cherie co-starred in another popular 90s sitcom, Family Matters, as the beloved Maxine, best friend of Laura Winslow. She went on to produce 14 indie films to date.

Cherie Johnson