Become a KIAN VIP Member and enjoy exclusive benefits, privileges & discounts as a KVIP! Enter into an oasis of beauty, health & wellness inside and out.  Our team of experts, specializing in providing top of the line spa treatments,  including our all-natural advanced skin care services, invite you to indulge in KIAN for a more unique, personalized spa experience.  Work with KIAN to create a health and wellness regiment to suit your needs and reach your goals.  IcoOne patented advanced technology combined with all natural products and nutritional guidance will give you the body and glow that others will envy.   

    * Limited amount packages available.  Must complete 12 treatments for savings or regular price of $150 will apply.  VIP Pricing is available for 6 months from first treatment.

    Ask about our personalized packages.

    From $240

  • GOLD

    Let us create an environment of serenity and set the GOLD standard for relaxation. Our Gold membership is about allowing yourself to live well all year round. Set a routine for yourself that helps you relax, escape and thrive every week.  

    * Bi-Annual Membership Includes:

    $125 per treatment 

    KIAN Gift

    5% discount on other services and products

    12 IcoOne Treatments

    Nutritional Evaluation




    The Platinum Membership Package is the premium membership level. It contains all of the benefits from the Gold membership package and offers extra discounted benefits. 

    * Bi-Annual Membership Includes:

    $115 per treatment 

     1 mini glow facial

    KIAN Gift pack

    10% discount on other service and products

    1 Nutritional Consultation

     12 treatments  IcoOne Treatments



    Our Diamond package was created for those who want exclusivity to complete and maintain their  and indulge in the spa experience regularly year round. This package is about youth maintenance that is specifically to suit your needs. 


    Come and relax and soothe your Mind Body and Spirit.

    * Bi-Annual Membership Includes:

    $110 per IcoOne treatment

    $50-$75 per Spa Treatment

    1 Free IcoOne Specialty Facial

    12 IcoOne treatments

    Complimentary  IcoOne Treatment or spa service 

    1 Nutritional Consultation and 1 complimentary Program during the year

    10% off  other services

    20% discount on KIAN Products



    Reduce your cellulite in just 2 weeks. We are introducing our cellulite package!  Cellulite is a problem that impacts many people, and it can cause you to feel self-conscious due to its impact on your physical appearance.  While it is commonly associated with being overweight, cellulite is also common on those who have an ideal body weight. Just because it's there you don't have to live with it.  Get you on the road to divorcing  those unwanted dimples on your body. 


    This intense program includes: 

    - 12 Bella Shape Sessions focusing on Thighs -Hips -Stomach - Buttocks

    - Nutritional Consult and Program

    - Automatic Enrollment Diamond Membership 

    $100 per IcoOne treatment for an additional 5 treatments

    $55-$75 per Spa Treatment

    1 Free IcoOne Facial

    KIAN Product Pack (includes 3 full size product of their choice) 

    10% on other services

    20% discount on KIAN Products



    Our Spa indulgence package invites you to relieve stress and boost your mood. This package is incredibly beneficial to those who are looking for a natural face lift, to increase circulation, relieve headaches and body aches, curb sinus congestion and remove impurities and toxins.

    Annual Membership Includes:

    All Natural Facials and Massages

    $65 per service

    * Facials

    * Massages

    - Swedish Massage

    - Deep Tissue

    - Reflexology

    - Therapeutic

    * $85 - 80 Minute Hot Stone

    Complete 10 treatments and the 11th Spa Treatment Free

    Bella Shape Services

    * $85 - Bella Brasion Facial

    * $120 - Bella Shape Body Treatment

    10% on other services

    20% discount on KIAN Products



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